Horse and Hound Wellness
About JoJo
Horse and Hound Wellness was founded in 2011 by Certified  Massage Therapist and Dog Obedience Trainer Joanne (JoJo) Terestre.  JoJo received her massage therapy certification in 1998 and has worked with great success as a massage therapist (for humans) in the Washington, DC area.  Some of her  private clientele have included high level officials at the White House, dignitaries, professional athletes and celebrities.

After many years of providing bodywork for humans, she received her equine and canine massage therapy certification from Equissage in Round Hill, VA in 2011.   Equissage is the oldest and leading trainer of equine and canine massage therapists in the world.    In addition to providing therapeutic massage,  she earned her certification in Canine Obedience Training and Behavior Modification in 2008 from Animal Behavior College and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  JoJo has volunteered her time training dogs in an animal shelter to increase the probability of the rescue dogs being adopted.   Also,  she volunteers her time puppy parentlng/training a Warrior Canine Connection service dog in training....that will ultimately be placed with a deserving veteran. 

JoJo has enjoyed success as a massage therapist however,  her true passion is working with animals.  Along with her extensive knowledge and many years of experience as a massage therapist and as a personal fitness trainer, she now combines the knowledge and skills gained in her profession with her love for animals, striving  to improve their quality of life through healing massage and dog obedience training.